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The Robert G. Cabell III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation

Richmond, Va.

Private foundation

Grants: ConnectNetwork, 2007; $50,000 (Through the Partnership for Non-Profit Excellence)

Contact Information:

901 E. Cary St., Ste. 1402
Richmond, VA 23219-4037
Telephone: (804) 780-2050
Contact: Jill A. McCormick, Exec. Dir.
Fax: (804) 780-2198
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Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation

Boston, Mass.

The Cabot Family Charitable Trust makes grant awards to organizations working in the arts and culture, education and youth development, environment and conservation, health and human services, and for the public benefit. Applications to the trust are reviewed by the trustees following application deadline dates of February 1 and September 1.

Since the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation was created to foster an interest in thoughtful, responsible charitable giving within the family, applications to the foundation must be sponsored by family members. Family members may sponsor one of three types of grant awards. Grant applications are reviewed by the trustees of the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, who make the final decision on all proposals.

Grants: 1) Mother Jones/Foundation for National Progress, 2007: $500, 2008: $500

Contact Information:

70 Federal Street (7th floor)
Boston, MA 02110
Tel. 617-451-1744
Fax 617-451-1733

Joan M. Whelton
Executive Director
617-451-1855 x 204
617-451-1724 - Fax
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California Community Fdn

Los Angeles, Calif.
Grants: New America Media/Pacific News Svc. $15,000

Contact Information:

445 S. Figueroa St. Suite 3400, Los Angeles, CA 90071-1638
tel: 213.413.4130, fax: 213.383.2046

The California Endowment Screenshot

The California Endowment

Los Angeles, Calif.

Grants: 1) New America Media/Pacific News Svc, 2005:$731,000, 2007: $500,000, 2009: $310,000; 2) Center for Investigative Reporting, 2010: $440,000 3) New England Center for Investigative Reporting, $50,000

Contact Information:

1000 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
tel. (800) 449-4149

California HealthCare Fdn Screenshot

California HealthCare Fdn

Oakland, Calif.
Grants: 1) California Healthline, $2,500,000; 2) iHealthBeat, $2,500,000 (These two projects are directly funded by the sponsoring foundation); 3) California Center for Health Care Journalism, $3,700,000 2008-09, 4) New America Media/Pacific News Svc, $5,000

Contact Information:

1438 Webster Street Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612
tel: 510.238.1040, fax: 510.238.1388

California Wellness Fdn Screenshot

California Wellness Fdn

Woodland Hills, Calif.

Grants: New America Media/Pacific News Svc, 2006: $200,000, 2009: S175,000

Contact Information:

6320 Canoga Avenue, Suite 1700, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
tel: 818.702.1900, fax: 818.702.1999

The Cameron Foundation

Petersburg, Va.

Grants: ConnectNewtork, 2007: $145,241

Contact Information:

24 West Old Street
Petersburg VA 23803
Tel: 804-732-8900
Fax: 804-732-8701

Keith Campbell Fdn for the Environment

Baltimore, Md.

Grants: Center for Public Integrity, $150,000; 2007-08

Contact Information:

Julie Hester for Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bay proposals
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or Samantha Campbell, for Pacific Region proposals.
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The Carmel Hill Fund

New York, N.Y.

The Carmel Hill Fund was originally called the William J. Ruane Family Foundation. Ruane sits on the board of the Washington Post Company. He chairs the board of the investment firm Ruane, Cunniff & Co. Ruane also spent 20 years at Kidder, Peabody & Co.

Grants: Fund for Investigative Journalism $100

Contact Information:

767 Fifth Ave. Ste. 4701
New Yor, N.Y. 10153-0002
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Carnegie Corp of New York Screenshot

Carnegie Corp of New York

New York, N.Y.
Grants: 1) American Independent News Network (formerly Center for Independent Media), $100,000 2008; 2) Center for Investigative Reporting, 2005: $50,000, 2006:$50,000, 2009;$50,000, 2010: $50,000, 3) Center for Public Integrity, $1,861,400 2005-08; 4) New American Media/PNS $300,000 2007; 4) Women e-News $138,000 (The funds for this project were given through the Fund for the City of New York); 5) New America Media/Pacific News Svc, 2006: $200,000, 2007: $300,000; 6) Pulitzer Ctr on Crisis Reporting, $50,000 (as the Civitas Assoc.) 7) AlterNet $50,000 2008; 8) Chicago Reporter (via Community Renewal Fund), 2007: $50,000, 2008: $50,000

Contact Information:

437 Madison Ave # 26, New York, NY 10022
tel: (212) 371-3200, fax: (212) 754-4073

Marguerite Casey Fdn

Seattle, Wash.

The Foundation does not accept or respond to unsolicited grant proposals, inquiries or letters of intent.

Grants: New America Media/Pacific News Svc, 2007: $230,000, 2008: $75,000, 2008: $150,000

Contact Information:

1300 Dexter Ave. North, Suite 115
Seattle, WA 98109
tel: (206) 691-3134 fax: (206) 286-2725 TTY: (206) 273-7395

The Annie E. Casey Fdn

Baltimore, Md.

Grants: New America Media/Pacific News Svc $50,000

Contact Information:

701 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
tel: 410-547-6600 fax: 410-547-6624
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Caw Foundation

Sacramento, Calif.
Grant: New America Media/Pacific News Svc $10,000

Contact Information:

921 11th Street, Suite 420, Sacramento, CA 95814
tel: 916.443.5422, fax: 916.443.3912

Cedar Fund, Inc

New York, N.Y.

This fund is no longer in operation.

Grants: Mother Jones, $2,569,703 (2005: $174,949, 2006: $2,116,000, 2007: $278,754)

Contact Information:

c/ Anchin Block & Anchin, LLP
1375 Broadway
New York, NY 10018

Central Carolina Cmty Fdn

Columbia, S.C.
Raising Digital Literacy Among Seniors. To bridge ethnic, economic and generational lines in order to raise digital literacy among seniors. Will include News. Led by the community foundation, a coalition of universities and media will reach out to seniors to create an online hub. The seniors will both use the site and create content for it. University students will train seniors in using the technology, and ultimately prepare the seniors to become "trainers" themselves. The State Media Company will host the site and promote it, while South Carolina's Education TV will help to document the initiative. The effort, which aims to enhance senior's participation in civic dialogue, will start with three diverse senior community centers and expand as the program evolves.
Grants: Raising Digital Literacy Among Seniors (in development) $200,000 beginning in 2009, with KCI matching grant.

Contact Information:

2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 21, Columbia, SC 29204
tel: (803) 254-5601, fax: (803) 799-6663
Tonia Pearson, director marketing

Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

St. Paul, Minn.

Grants: 1) Twin Cities Daily Planet, 2010: $20,000

Contact Information:

Central Corridor Funders Collaborative
451 Lexington Parkway North
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
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Challenge Fund for Journalism

New York, N.Y.

Challenge Fund for Journalism is a a consortium of the Ford, McCormick,and Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundations. Piloted in 2004, CFJ was introduced amid extraordinary and difficult changes in the news media profession. Not only have journalism organizations seen a significant decline in financial support from corporate and philanthropic sources, but also a severe contraction in the industry as a whole. The current economic crisis has only exacerbated these difficulties, demonstrating more than ever the need to build the capacity of organizations to expand and diversify their financial base of support.

The Challenge Fund initiative addresses this need by providing a combination of grants and customized coaching, technical assistance, and peer networking opportunities to ensure that journalism groups have the leadership, infrastructure, and financial resources needed to increase their adaptability and promote long-term sustainability. Grantees are chosen through a competitive process that utilizes criteria such as readiness for capacity building, commitment to organizational change, commitment to revenue diversification, and potential impact of CFJ on organizational development and sustainability.

The New York office of TCC Group a 30 year-old management consulting firm that works with funders and nonprofit organizations, manages The Challenge Fund for Journalism and provides technical assistance to the grantees.

Grants: 1) Chicago Reporter $75,000, 2010; 2) Investigative Reporting Workshop $75,000 2010; 3) New York Community Media Alliance $75,000, 2010; 4) Twin Cities Media Alliance $75,000, 2010; 5) Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism (Wisconsin Watch) $75,000, 2010

Contact Information:

Alice Hill, TCC Group,
tel: 212-949-3186
e-mail :

The Chicago Cmty Trust Screenshot

The Chicago Cmty Trust

Chicago, Ill.{encode=""}
Hyper-Local Information. To provide a digital platform that links neighborhood residents to a wide-range of civic services and activities. Chicago residents have access to a wide-range of services, but they often aren't aware that they exist or are challenged to access them. This project would bring all these activities online in an easily accessible format tailored to neighborhood needs. The site, focused on two to four communities in Chicago's Southside, would compile data, news reports and user-generated content to provide information such as where they can buy fresh produce, find a food pantry or enroll in a food stamp program.

Grants: 1) Hyper-local Information, $250,000 beginning in 2009 with a KCI matching grant, Purpose: Digital platform to connect residents to civic services and activities; 2) Chicago Matters, $3,660,000, Purpose: For community development; 3) Community Media Workshop, 2006: $15,000, 2007: $40,000, 2007: $25,000, 2008: $40,000, 2011: $35,000; 4) Windy Citizen, 2011: $35,000; 5) Chicago Reporter, 2011: $35,000 2011: $110,000 (A grant jointly awarded to Chicago Reporter and Community Media Workshop to administer to promote news stories about Chicago's low-income areas (

Contact Information:

Grants Management Team, 312.565.2311
111 E.Wacker Drive, Suite 1400, Chicago IL
tel: 312-616-8000, fax; 312-616-7955
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Chicago Fdn for Women

Chicago, Ill.
Grants: Women's e-News, $5000 (These funds were given through the Fund for the City of New York.)

Contact Information:

Contact: One East Wacker Drive, Suite 1620, Chicago, IL 60601
tel: (312) 577-2801, fax: (312) 577-2802, TTY: (312) 577-2803

Civitas Assoc (Carnegie Corp)

New York, N.Y.

Please see Carnegie Corp.
Grants: Pulitzer Ctr on Crisis Reporting $50,000

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