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How We Built This Database

For this database, citizen media sites were defined as those with any original reporting, analysis, commentary, reviews, photos, audio, video or other content on local news, events or issues, created by individuals not employed by professional news organization.

Some sites include a mix of content from amateur and professional journalists. The initial 456 entries for the database were gathered in the first quarter of 2007 using site lists provided by J-Lab, the Center for Citizen Media, and I, Reporter -- then verified directly by Amy Gahran and Adam Glenn of I, Reporter. Additional sites, along with further site verification and details, were gathered using a series of e-mailed surveys from January to March 2007. Another 208 sites were added in December-January 2008, and an additional 100 sites in March 2008, using a combination of e-mailed surveys and direct verification. The total number of sites on the database as of March 31, 2008, is 764.

The database is updated regularly with new sites and updates of existing entries. Note that entries for those sites that did not participate in the survey but for which we gathered data independently may not display complete details about the site.

Database interfaces and Google Map by Justin Crawford at Tentacu.