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Want a spiffy KCNN Citizen Media Sites map widget on YOUR page?

Here's all you have to do:
  1. Determine what province or state (Canada & U.S.) you want to get map markers for, and figure out its official two-character abbreviation (Utah = UT, etc.).
  2. Determine how tall and wide (in pixels) you want the map to be (optional but recommended).
  3. Determine what zip code (Canada & U.S.) you would like to center the map on (optional but recommended).
  4. Determine what zoom level (1-15, with 15 being the closest) to use on the map (optional).
  5. Add an iframe tag to the HTML of your site, and set the URL parameters to the values you came up with in steps 1-4. Here is the code we used for the above two maps:

    <iframe src="
    state=ca&zoom=9&width=325&height=200&centeronzip=91105" scrolling="no" width="325" height="220" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    <iframe src="
    state=ks&zoom=5&width=200" scrolling="no" width="200" height="220" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    • The iframe HTML must all be on the same line after you paste it into your code. There should be no spaces in the URL.
    • The width and height in the URL determine the size of the map; the width and height in "quotes" determine the size of the iframe. We recommend adding 20 to the height of the iframe, as above.
    • The width of the column on your own site will ultimately limit how wide the map and iframe can be. If you think your map is being cut off, check for the light blue "Terms of use" that should appear at the bottom right of every map.
    • You may need to experiment with the parameters until you get it just right.

  6. Have fun!